Jobs Connected is more than the next level of job searching. We’re dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. In everything we do, we ask ourselves, “How will this make life easier? How does this help people reach the next step of their goal?”

To accomplish that, our core service is connecting people. We strive to make the grind of job searching easier for both the candidates and the employers. We don’t want to simply fill slots and make a quota. We want to ensure lasting connections are made between employers and new employees.

We support our connecting services with the best technological solutions. Utilizing innovative solutions throughout our services, we’re making finding the “right fit” more streamlined and easier for users. By automating complex processes in the background, we’re allowing people to look at more relevant information and less junk. Better search results allow for better decisions, faster decisions, and a better result.

We also use affordability to support our philosophy and believe in fair pricing for quality services. We offer plans to allow customers to buy the services that are right for them and their needs. Every paid plan provides access to our advanced searches and  profiles, but those who require additional services can quickly and easily add them to their account.