Job Search

Each of the events discussed below can be recorded and archived on your high school’s Jobs Connected page.  This library can be easily updated to add new files or purge old ones.  Over time, it will provide a powerful job seeking tool for students.  For example, three months of meetings and interviews could be available to a student with the click of a mouse.

Video Chat Career/Internship/Volunteer Fair

Experiential learning allows students to gain valuable work experience and begin exploring different careers. These fairs provide students with the opportunity to learn about different companies, talk with them, and apply for advertised positions. The virtual venue allows students to learn about employers before the event and allows high schools to extend their reach to employers that cannot travel to campus.

Students browse a variety of employers before and during the event. The fair can feature employers from various industries, including employers that your high school has connections with as well as other businesses. Students click on the employer link that they are interested in, video chat with them in real-time, and apply to the employers’ positions if interested. The virtual career fair can be small (about 5 employers) or large (100+ employers). The event can be recorded so that students who cannot make it to the event can still learn about the listed employers and apply for advertised positions. An employer can meet with one student at a time or have multiple students join the chat session.

Employer Spotlight

If there are only a few companies that your high school wants to introduce to students the employer spotlight is a great option. The employer spotlight showcases a particular company or small group of companies.  The smaller scale allows for more frequent events with smaller employers.

The event is similar to a webinar. The employer has a chance to show videos and PowerPoints about its company. During and after the presentation, students can ask questions. After the event, students can apply for the employer’s advertised positions. The event can be recorded so that students that cannot make it to the event can still learn about the employer and apply for advertised positions.

College Exploration

College Admission Fair

Some colleges and universities are too far to attend a high school’s on-campus college admission fair. The on-campus venue can also be less efficient, as students must physically move from table to table to talk to different colleges. A virtual venue allows high schools to provide a streamlined way for students to learn about different colleges and universities without college representatives needing to come to campus. Each college gets its own page. Students can browse the colleges’ pages to watch videos and read about the college. If the student is interested in the college, the student can click a button and video chat with a college representative in real-time. Colleges can host group sessions or one-on-one sessions.

Alumni Panel

Provide students with the opportunity to talk to with former high school students who have attended college.  Topics include descriptions of their experience at the college to advice to make college a success.

It is similar to a video chat career fair, except rather than browsing and talking to different employers, students would talk with alumni in either separate chat rooms or in panel discussions. Recording the video chat sessions is highly encouraged so that students who could not attend can learn the valuable information the alumni or industry professionals have to offer.

Career Exploration

Alumni or Industry Professionals Panel

Rather than ask alumni about their college experiences, students can ask about their professional experiences. The students ask alumni or other industry professionals questions ranging from what they like/dislike about their job to how to get a job in their field. By learning directly from others who are successful in the students’ desired field(s), the students can get applicable and directly actionable advice as well as build valuable relationships. Students would talk with alumni or industry professionals in either separate chat rooms or in panel discussions.

Career Preparation

Resume/Career Development Workshop

Teach students about how to write resumes and other aspects of career development. Staff members can host multiple workshops at the same time (for example, two simultaneous resume workshops or one workshop on resumes and two others on job interviewing). The session(s) can be recorded and archived for students that cannot attend. Students can also ask questions after the workshop through a forum where the career center can answer questions.

If there are just a few workshops being held simultaneously, students can be given the link to join the workshops (like a webinar). If there are many workshops being held simultaneously, students can browse different workshops and join the one that they are interested in.

Practice Interviews

Students can practice interviewing for Skype or in-person interviews by using video chat with either career center staff or industry professionals/employers. Students would sign up for a time slot to practice interviewing.

Other Features


Forums increase student engagement. Forums allow job students to continue to ask questions even after a video chat career fair, college admission fair, alumni panel, or virtual workshop is over. Employers, college representatives, alumni, or career center staff can respond to the questions on the forum. As more students or job seekers ask questions, the forum becomes increasingly valuable for future students or job seekers because they can read the questions and answers to other people’s questions. Forums can also be used for the career center to answer questions for students or job seekers throughout the year, such as recommendations for jobs or interview advice.

Advanced Search Engine

The search engine allows students to find positions based on industry, location, and a variety of other factors. Unlike clunkier search engines of larger companies, our search engine is very accurate. It is also able to search for job seekers based on the results of the personality assessment that we offer.

Personality Assessment

We offer a DISC assessment that analyzes how one functions in the workplace, determines which type of work environment is the best fit, and provides strategies for communicating with others with different personalities. By asking a series of questions, the assessment determines ones’ values, motivators, and stressors.

After taking the assessment, students can search for jobs which provide a work environment that best fits them.  Students are also able to incorporate their results into their Jobs Connected job seeker profile, allowing employers to search for them based on their results.